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Aero Painting LLC is a full service commercial and industrial painting company.

The superior workmanship and materials used by Aero Painting LLC ensure our clients with the longest lasting job possible. Another large part of our success is the meticulous cleaning and preparation of the surfaces we paint. This prevents premature pealing and flaking.

In addition to a quality job, Aero Painting LLC will work around your schedule. If you need a job done during a shut down period or weekend, Aero Painting LLC will work with you to minimize any inconveniences to your employees and/or customers.

Aero Painting LLC is fully licensed and insured and highly motivated to assure total customer satisfaction. Call us today for a free estimate!



When buildings have been repainted and the products have failed in less than one year, it is usually due to poor surface preparation, a mismatched coating product, and/or poor application techniques. Aero Painting LLC addresses all these concerns in every job.

A case in point is a collaboration with Sherwin Williams for Kohl's Department Stores. Kohl's had repeatedly experienced early product failure on their buildings. Though this was a common (and expensive) problem, Aero Painting LLC's provided a unique solution that accompanied a full five year warranty!

The process Aero Painting LLC used in this case included:

1 ) 5000+psi high pressure wash
Removes loose or peeling paint as well as efflorescence.

2 ) Apply two coats of Sherwin Williams Loxon Block Surfacer
to fill pin holes and and prevent water penatration.

3 ) Top coat with two coats of Sherwin Williams Super Paint Satin.

A Sherwin Williams coating technician inspects each step of the process. This system has never failed ~ and is warranted by both Aero Painting LLC and Sherwin Williams.

This is just one example of the extent that Aero Painting LLC will go to assure our customers the highest quality and durability of work.

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A notable asset for Aero Painting LLC is the extensive experience with a host of different surfaces. The expansion and contraction of metals or the porosity of concrete block present wholly different considerations in preparation and application.

Aero Painting LLC has the expertise to match the coating with the surface being applied to assure the customer optimum durability. Examples of different surfaces include:

• Steel
• Aluminum
• Brick
• Concrete
• Concrete Block

• Wood
• Drywall
• Etc.

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Professional commercial and industrial painting services cover a host of different possible applications. If it needs to be cleaned, prepared, and/or painted... Aero Painting LLC can and is not only prepared to do it, but to DO it well. A general list of applications include:

• Interiors
• Exteriors
• Offices
• Factories
• Malls
• Light Poles
• Parking Structures
• Airless Spraying
• Water Blasting
• Sand Blasting
• Special Coatings
• Etc.

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